ENO Art is an annual ENO event that takes place two times per year – one in spring and another in autumn. The whole network is being invited to participate and art activities have had a huge success so far. In 2020 -even though the pandemic, there were 195 schools from 31 countries that participated!  Thank you for all!

The spring project was themed Upcycled Tree and it was a contest both for students and teachers to create a tree with an environmental message. Due to the pandemic and lockdown, the majority of countries could not participate. Finally, we decided to close the contest with no competition ranking. You can read more of it from here

Lights were switched again for the Earth on 4 December! Thank you school communities around the world –  188 schools from 31 different countries participated ! The happening was a huge success considering the Covid-19 situation and the pandemic still badly going on with many schools closed.

What did we get? ENO Teachers facebook page full of atmospheric pictures and videos of lanterns decorated. Some pearls, a lot of beautiful lights, a lot of connecting energy, a lot of new members – Quite good, we could say! Read more about the event form here

But The Light for the Future wasn’t only about switching the lights, but also for expressing the youths hopes, fears and dreams for the future. We encouraged the students to recreate the lyrics for the song Imagine by John Lennon and Yoko Ono and to perform it if possible on the event. Thank you for the Imagine song videos!