Design-oriented pedagogy with ENO Environment Online:

Liperi secondary school students on a garbage trip

About the project

Liperi secondary schools 7th graders together with their geography and biology teachers Riikka Nousiainen and Tanja Pajarinen are participating in ENO’s Sustainable Development via Co-creation project, which uses the principes of design-oriented pedagogy -(DOP) by investigating littering and trash in their school and nearby surroundings. In short DOP is anchoring the learning process to pupils’ ideas, thinking, conceptions and interpretations about the phenomena in question. It encourages pupils, teachers and experts to innovate so that the learners themselves can design their approach towards the study. The questions are drawn from their natural wondering and the whole study process has a strong role in a form of study diary.

Keeping a study diary and posing questions is essential part of Desing oriented pedagogy project (DOP)

Collecting trash

ENO Environment Online offered the students the right tools to pick up trash from the environment. The students were shared into small groups to search the trash. In the end the groups, teacher and ENO mentor gathered at the beach nearby to investigate the results. The students had to pose questions arising from the trash and write tehm into their study diary. The study-project subjects were drawn from posing the questions.

Watch the video from the trip:

This school project is done in the Sustainable Development via Co-creation project, which is funded by the Central Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.