Three Rivers is an e-twinning project between three European primary schools from different parts of the continent. It is a meeting between the schools of CEIP Federico Romero from La Solana in Spain, Comprehensive school Valery Petrov from Pleven in Bulgaria and Utra school from Joensuu in Finland, where the students investigate and explore the rivers they live nearby. The rivers ; Guadiana in Spain, Tuchenitsa in Bulgaria and Pielisjoki in Finland are connected to each other through these students and teachers. The project includes a variety of perspectives where scientific approach meets artistic views. The students and teachers stay in contact with each other during the project through the online platforms; they make blog postings, online exhibitions, meet in chats or videomeets and learn to use information technology throughout the project. The project is hosted by Environment Online -ENO programme.


Project diary of

Utra primary school (Joensuu, Finland)

15 Aug 2022 Sailboats woodcarvings 

Utra primary school students started with wood carvings by making sailboats.

We started the sailboat project by thinking about how goods and people have been and are being transported to different places along the River Pielisjoki. Pielisjokis water flows through the lake Pyhäselkä and the lake Saimaa to the Gulf of Finland and from there to the oceans. In this way, we can think of the waters around the world  ending up finally in a big common ocean.

We looked at pictures of sailboats. We think about the names of the details of the boat (hull, cabin, mast, keel, deck, etc.). I, as a teacher, showed pictures of boats made by children. Each child designed a boat by drawing on paper. You could also give the boat a name.

Based on the plans, we started making small boats out of wood. We practiced measuring and marking. The shape of the bow was sawn into the boats according to the plans. For the cabin, we chose suitable pieces of the frame.

The sail was decorated with a real plant leaf. We put a leaf under the canvas and tapped a small stone on top of the canvas and thus the green color transferred to the canvas.


We mark the places of the railing posts and nail them to the hull of the boat. Then we attach the cabin to the frame and drill a hole for the mast in the boat. Then we saw the mast.

We sew the necessary stitches for the sail. Even before attaching the sail, students can paint the boat. Finally, we put the railing cords.

26 Aug 2022 Beach visit -life under the water and beach cleaning

We Utra primary school 2 graders visited the beach to clean it up from the trash and explore life under water. The result:  Luckily there was not much garbage on the beach. We also played the litter-bingo. With the nets we found a lot of water bugs.


We will investigate the quality of riverwater by using Earth Echo World Water Challenge kits.

1 Sep 2022: The water quality and opening our senses

With the ENO Environment Online environmental educator we spent the day in Utra islands. Utra islands are a beautiful outdoor recreation area nearby our school. We investigated the water quality with simple measurement tools using Earth Echo World Water Challenge kit: temperature, turbidity, Ph and dissolved oxygen values were solved. The Result: water quality is good and good for life under water and suitable for waterbugs, fishes and plants. We also made a silent walk to work on our 5 senses: vision, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Through our walk we had small tasks with small groups to deal with senses. In the end we ate lunch at the campfire.


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Project diary of

Comprehensive school Valery Petrov (Pleven, Bulgaria)

Project diary of

CEIP Federico Romero (La Solana, Spain)