After several months we finally got this new website. Heartful thanks to the designer and our voluntary expert.

In the ENO blog we will publish biweekly articles and views on sustainable development. They are written by people working in the field of education, environment and arts.

We are looking forward to get inspiring blogs 🙂

Mika Vanhanen
CEO, ENO Schoolnet Association


  1. Dear Mika
    Congratulations with the new website, it’s looking really good!
    Many greetings from
    Stina Herberg
    Richmond Vale Academy
    ENO Coordinator
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  2. Hi Mika
    Greetings from the beautiful Macedonia.
    The site looks great opportunity for better understanding among the other coordinators
    Sonja Jankulovska
    ENO Coordinator in Macedonia

  3. Hi Mika
    Greetings from the beautiful Macedonia.
    The site looks great opportunity for better understanding among the other coordinators
    ENOCoordinator in Macedonia

  4. Dear Mika
    Congratulations to you and to the website expert as well.The interface is quite welcoming and appealing . congratulations once again.
    Madhavi Goswami
    ENO coordinator
    U .P. India

  5. Congratulations on launching the new website. 2019 will witness many great things for ENO; the new website, the world summit and many great intiatives from ENO. Looking forward to seeing you all in Finland in May.
    Ezzat Hassan
    ENO Egypt

  6. Hi Mika!
    Great idea 👍🏽 Congratulations!
    ENO Blog will be a very useful tool! 🍀🌿
    Best Regards
    Dulce Casarin
    ENO Brazil – 🇧🇷

  7. Hi Mila,
    Congratulations, I really like The design of the new We siste and blog. I hope to use It wisely and help with our ENO tasks.
    Working with ENO is very enriching experiencia.
    Greetings from La Mancha in Spain.

  8. Dear Mika
    Congratulations with the new born website, it’s amazing!
    Greetings from
    Younes EL Yousfi
    ENO Coordinator

  9. Dear Mika Sir
    Congratulations for new ENO website and of course the blog.
    Commendable work ENO
    ENO Coordinator

  10. Dear Mika,
    Congratulations for this new website,it really looks nice and worth surfing,wish the best for ENO.
    Salima Baltagi
    ENO Tunisia

  11. Thank You Mika,You are an inspiration for many around the world.
    The new look of the website speaks your effort behind it.
    I personally liked this blog addition and would surely be contributing in it soon.
    Thank you for keeping us Together in ENO Family.

    ”Alone the world Changes you, Together We Change the World”

    #Togetherness #ENO #ENOPakistan

    Bushra Anis Naqvi
    ENO-Environment Online
    Coordinator For Pakistan

  12. Hello Mika & All,
    Kudos to all who worked on this simple, informative & nice Website.
    I am sure some suggestions will be made with time.
    Our warm Greetings & Happy New Year Wishes from Ghana.

    Emmanuel Ahugah
    ENO Ghana

  13. Congratulations on the new website, the opportunity for timely current information
    Sonja Jankulovska
    ENO Coordinator from Macedonia

  14. Hi all,

    Thank you for all your comments! We have tried to create a easy-to-use and informative website for ENO. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please do tell us!

    We are currently writing the guidelines for our blog and we want to receive blog posts from our ENO coordinators and other partners. So please be patient, we will inform you soon about our Guest writer policy!

    Kaija – ENO office

  15. Hola Mika
    a toda
    Mis felicitaciones por el gran esfuerzo para tenernos unidos e informados a toda la familia ENO.
    Creo que es una gran oportunidad para cualquiera de nosotros contribuir con artículos a la familia ENO e interesados y mantenernos actualizados sobre las acciones de ENO en todo el mundo. Un fuerte abrazo.
    Coordinadora, ENO PERU

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