BlogSchool children at their tree nursery in Tanzania

What is your ENO Story? We want stories of what you have done in your schools, organisations, communities that is related to ENO. No politics, no discrimination of any kind and the basic rules of common courtesy apply! The writers can be organisers, participants or stakeholders.

Split your text into sections:

  • Title; short, informative, engaging
  • Presentation; a teaser to the story
  • Reason to read; awaken the reader’s interest, why they should read this story
  • Content; what, where, why, how, when, benefits, etc
  • Summary; summarise what you have just written, what next?

Include a picture, video or soundtrack. Make sure you have the right to use it and the permission of the people photographed/videoed/recorded. If the people are under 18, you must have thier guardian’s permission to publish the av material. If you are using someone else’s material, give appropriate credit to them.

List the keywords of your story.

Write a short caption that can be used in our social media platforms to highlight your story.

Write a short bio, max 5 sentences, about yourself.

The story should be 300-500 words in length.

If we make any major changes to your writing, we will “ok” it with you before publishing. Please note that not all submitted blog stories will be published and that all posts are unpaid.

Submit your story to with the subject “Guest blog”.