ENO Global Food Exhibition

ENO Global Food Exhibition is a campaign on sustainable food. The theme varies each year it is organized. The campaign was last organized in 2023. Different school levels (kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools) are invited to submit their projects for the virtual exhibition.

ENO Global Food Exhibition 2023 – Pulses

Gallery on 2023 Pulses works from here

The Campaign

The ENO Global Food Exhibition 2023 is about pulses: dried beans and peas, chickpeas, and lentils.The virtual food exhibition 2023 will be published in February 2023. The World Pulses Day is 10 February each year.

Your pulses project can be one of the following:
* What is your favourite pulses dish? What is the recipe, how do you cook it?
* What kind of pulses are grown in your country, how are they grown and harvested?
* Why are pulses good for you? Why are pulses good for the environment?

Student works on the topic can be sent to ENO in digital format (video, pdf, powerpoint or other...) by 9 February 2023 at https://forms.gle/BjQiPsCGZZmnNxcq6 or by email: info@enoprogramme.org .

Pls note: Submissions sent by 9 February can be added to our presentation at the University of Eastern Finland’s Sustainable Food Fair on 10 February 2023.

More info on pulses:

United Nations World Pulses Day

Food and Agriculture Organisation

Global Pulses Confederation


2021: ENO Global Food Exhibition – Traditional food

The first ENO Global Food Exhibition was published in December 2021. The topic of the exhibition was traditional and typical food. What does a typical or traditional plate look like? How is traditional food served and what are the ingredients and how is it made? Are all the ingredients local? Is it ecological? Visit the ENO Global Food Exhibition Gallery to see!