In 1917, the parliament of Finland declared Finland as an independent nation. To celebrate it, a spruce seed was cultivated, This Independence Spruce was planted later at Kaivopuisto Park in Helsinki.

When Finland celebrated 50 years of independency in 1967, tens of thousands of spruce seedlings were planted. It was said that the origin of these seedlings were from The Independence Spruce. These spruces were called “Home Spruces” and they were planted together with a copper plaque  with a text: “Home Spruce, planted in 1967 when Finland had been 50 years as an independent country.”

The story continued in 2017 with a campaign called The Spruce of The Future. Finns, people who live in Finland and friends of Finland  called to plant a spruce or small forest to celebrate centenary of Finland independence. The Spruce Of The Future was an official part of Finland’s centenary programme and the patron was the president of Finland, Mr Sauli Niinistö.

Spruces or trees were planted in Finland and in 60 countries, by Finnish schools abroad,  Finnish associations,  embassies and friends of Finland, especially ENO schools celebrated the day and planted trees 6 December 2017.

Kotikuusta etsimässä (in Finnish)