Show your actions!

Show your actions!

As part of the Climate Action ENO together with Ekosäätiö, Myrskyvaroitus and a number of Finnish musicians will publish a music video “Yes, we all need hope”. The key message of the video is “In addition to hope, we need actions”. We are challenging organisations (municipalities, ngos, embassies, companies, schools, parishes, individuals) to show their climate actions!

The aim is to create a flow of actions throughout the world together with the video. We want you to join in!

The preliminary release date for the video is 21 May 2021, the day before the International Day for Biological Diversity.

We will publish the names of the participating organisations starting on 10 May 2021.

Fill in the Show your actions registration your organization to ensure we can reach you before the event. If you register by 16 May, we will add the participating organisations on this website.

Let your stakeholders know about your participation and ask them to join. It would be great if you can get at least one stakeholder to join in.

On 21 May, share the video together with your organisation’s most important climate action in your social media sites, website or blog. Remember to use #showyouractions. You can, for example tweet the following: “In addition to hope, we need actions. This is what we have done xxxxxxxx. #showyouractions”

If there are any unexpected issues regarding the release of the video due to Covid-19, we will inform all participants.