Tree planting

Climate change is one of the most urgent and biggest problems. We all have to do our part to reduce the effect of climate change. A good way to tie carbon is to plant trees and forests. Schools have planted trees in ENO since 2004. ENO made a commitment of planting 100 million trees by 2017 in Rio+20 Summit. Schools planted 30 million trees and countries made their own commitments. The number was not yet reached but we are working on the achieve this number. We have organised tree planting contests called ENO Treelympics since 2014. A forest project will take place 2019-2025 based on climate agreement by schools in 2019 ( an answer to Paris agreement).

Eat Climate Smart!

Climate-smart eating recognizes that the GHG emissions of what we choose to eat can vary widely, and since GHG emissions associated with the food we eat is estimated at between 44 and 57 percent of total planetary emissions (according to the non-governmental organization, GRAIN, and published by The Wall Street Journal and by the UN), people’s choices concerning the food they eat has the potential to make a huge difference in how much GHGs are emitted. Good choices will serve to slow the rate of climate change, and will ultimately reduce the extent of the damage associated with that change.
Every Meal Matters! The ENO Programme calls schools to study about climate change and  observe their meals at school for one week.  Theme will crystallize on the ENO Campaign Week 22- 26  April with  Meat Free Monday 29 April 2019