ENO Weather Observation Week is an international project for primary and secondary school students to observe climate change, its changes in nature every year, compare them, analyze and draw conclusions. Such weather observation weeks take place twice in a year: in autumn and winter (weeks 5 and 43). By observing the weather, students record temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, research and observe cloud types and cloud cover. Later, the recorded results are discussed, compared with other countries and shared on social networks.

Our gymnasium’s 6th grade students this year 25th-29th October for the first time participated in the project by observing and recording the lowest, highest and average daily temperature, precipitation and cloud cover. In conclusion,  24th November participated in a joint on line lesson with peers from Brazil, Finland, Israel and Croatia. During the lesson, students presented the obtained results, had the opportunity to compare them with the results of other countries, to discuss about climate change around the world and its impact on humanity. Thanks to our cool sixth graders and we hope that more and more students will be involved in the project next time.