The Third International Zero Carbon Conference, set for 9 April 2024, is set to ignite discussions centered on “Zero Carbon Communities,” emphasising the communities’ involvement in climate action. These communities represent  sustainability, embracing renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, implementing eco-conscious transportation modes, and implementing resource-sharing initiatives to minimise carbon footprints.

Organised collaboratively by Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), ENO Schoolnet Association and their global partners, the conference serves as a nexus for high school, vocational school, and university students to showcase their innovative carbon reduction strategies for schools and local municipalities. The agenda includes expert presentations and student-led initiatives.

Participating students are invited to submit their presentation proposals by 27 March 2024 contributing to a dynamic exchange of ideas and advocating proactive environmental engagement. Through the coaching sessions, including joint meetings and rehearsal opportunities, student presenters will hone their transversal skills and refine their narratives for the conference.

The Zero Carbon Conference symbolises a collective commitment to boosting positive change, empowering the next generation of leaders for sustainability initiatives and drive concrete processes towards a greener, more resilient future.

The conference is organised jointly by Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), ENO Schoolnet Association (Finland), Environmental Department of the Nagano Prefectural Government (Japan), Copperbelt University (Zambia), University of Eastern Finland (Finland), Catholic University of Maule (Chile) and University of Concepcion (Chile). The conference is co-organised by University of Talca (Chile), Austral University of Chile (Chile) and Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

The conference is partly funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education.