Did you know that ENO Schoolnet Association and the city of Joensuu have a  long history of collaboration? Although ENO started in the municipality of Eno in 2000, the municipality joined the city of Joensuu in 2009. Since then, Joensuu has been the main partner of ENO. Our cooperation builds on environmental education in primary and secondary schools in Joensuu. The collaboration consists, for example, of following things:

  • spreading the environmental education in the schools of Joensuu primarily to the two ENO schools (Nepenmäki primary and secondary schools and Pielisjoki secondary school)
  • climate and global education partnerships
  • planning and production of Finnish summer opening  ”Suomen suven avaus


The environmental education in the schools consists of different things such as participation on ENO activities together with the global network. These are ENO Tree Planting Day, Weather Week and ENO Art. The schools will also have a personal environmental educator with who they can plan special activities like participation in national energy saving week, food waste campaigns, water research workshops or other environment observation projects and workshops.

Water filtering test at primary school.

Primary school students checking what is in the water.

Energy saving posters by primary school students.

Tree planting in Joensuu.







ENO and Joensuu have signed a Climate partnership agreement with Climate Joensuu to work together to achieve the ambitious goal of Joensuu being carbon-neutral by 2025. As Climate Joensuu says “Together we encourage, support and inspire companies and organisations to achieve common climate goals. Taking climate action is a common effort for the city group, its enterprises and residents. Individual acts matter, but so does common intent.”. And yes, that is what we will do!

Climate Joensuu and Climate Blocks -project work together to reach a carbon neutral Joensuu.


Finnish summer opening  ”Suomen suven avaus” event is planned and produced by ENO together with the local schools. The event takes place at the end of the Finnish school year at the end of May or beginning of June and it takes place on the great stage of Joensuu. The event gathers approximately 6000 singers and 15 000 people as an audience. The Finnish summer opening event has been listed on the UNESCO Living heritage. In 2020 the event was held online.

View from the stage of the Summer opening