ENO Green Cities Network was launched in March 2012. It’s an integrated approach on sustainable city networks as it’s based on educational co-operation between schools, the private sector and city administration promoting a circular green economy and opportunities to connect to the world, in a concrete way.

ENO Green Cities for schools is twinning interaction between the schools in this network. During the semester 2022-2023 we collaborated with five secondary schools around the world. Students worked by presenting their cities and the green advancements but also by visioning  the future green cities in 3D; how the future cities could look like and what kind of energy, transport, water, alimentation or technological solutions could be adapted facing the earth’s capacities.

Two online meetings were arranged between differents schools during the project. In the meeting on the eve of Earth Day Fri 21 April we had students presentations from Finland, India, Brasil and Slovenia. The schools presenting were:

  • Pielisjoki secondary school, Joensuu, Finland
  • APS Clement Town school, Dehradun, India
  • Instituto S do Saber, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
  • Osnovna šola Otočec, Novo Mesto, Slovenia

The event was followed by The Modern School, ECNCR, India

The project will be arranged annually

The next period starts at august 2023. Interested to join? Ask for more details