ENO Tree planting days were organised again two times: one in spring and one in autumn. ENO Tree planting day on 22 May was heavily influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. In most cases the whole event was cancelled or reduced to minimum. The amount of participants and trees planted remained lower than normally. Circumstances were a little bit better in autumn and the event gathered a good number of participants around the world.  At the same time was celebrated 20 year of ENO.

In Joensuu, Finland, the May Tree planting day was cancelled. Although the planting was cancelled, all students of the ENO network were invited to plant a tree at home. as part of the Earth school.

In autumn ENO organised it with special arrangements -less classes on separate dates and staggered timetables. And of course hand sanitisers and safe distances taken into account! In Joensuu there were three schools participating in the tree planting event – The Nepenmäki primary and secondary schools, Karhunmäki primary school and preschool and Pielisjoen secondary school. From the secondary schools only optional science class students participated.

Even though the amount of participants was reduced, over 800 tree seedlings were planted by these groups. In addition to these, we participated in planting a forest park in Karhunmäki.

Thank you – Let’s keep up the good work in 2021 also!