Want to participate in ENO but don’t know how? What do, when to do them, how to
organise? Well, we have good news for you! We have published a short ENO introduction and you
can also ask us to come and tell your teachers or students about the possibilities. Who we are and what we do can be discussed in on-line video meetings.


In these one hour meetings we tell you shortly about the history of ENO and also give you a good insight about our activities and campaigns. At the end there is a time given for questions and answers. The introductions can be held to communities, schools or any group interested in ENO activities.

We started ENO info sessions for our potential participants in October. So far, we have had two info
sessions: one with Fida International and Together to Protect Human & the Environment (Together) with
primary school teachers in Iraq and one with Colegio Plancarte A.C. with students in Mexico.

The Iraqi teachers are participating in a project coordinated by Fida International together with their local partner Together. The project is focusing on training teachers and parents for child friendly and holistic upbringing of children and rooting children’s rights at all levels of society. An important focus is on sustainable development and including it in formal education and non-formal education curricula.

Tree planting in Iraq

The sustainable schools network planted 1575 trees (cypress, didonia, orange and tangerine) with Together in December 2020 in 40 schools.

The info session included a short introduction to ENO and its activities and a Q&A session. The teachers in Iraq were already planning to plant trees and now it was included as an ENO tree planting activity. The sustainable schools network in Iraq planted 1575 trees with Together in December 2020 in 40 schools! The plantings in Iraq were partly funded by the development cooperation funds of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland with some local funds from Iraqi Private Banks League.

Tree planting in Iraq.

As you may know, tree planting can be done outside of our “regular” ENO tree planting days. This is because the environmental conditions vary in different parts of the world and the regular tree planting days are not suitable planting times everywhere.

“Thank you very much for giving these informative and inspiring session! We were really

happy of it.” reported one Iraqi teacher.

Following the introductory session the Iraqi teachers are participating in the ENO social media channels to interact with other ENO schools and actors.

For the Mexican session we had secondary school students and their teachers. We presented what activities the students can do and they will further see how they can be part of ENO. The Mexican school has also started collaboration with other ENO schools and are a part of the My environment project

“Thank you very much for giving us the great experience of this meeting, I loved it. In the evaluation I appreciated that it was very beneficial for the students.” Lic. María Angelica Velásquez Bernal – Colegio Plancarte A.C, Ciudad de México


So, if you are interested to participate in ENO activities for a better future, check out the ENO Intro and if
you need more information, contact us at . We’ll be happy to tell you more!



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