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Instrucciones en español a continuación


1. Schedule; global annual tree planting days held around 22 May or 21 September. 

2. Plant only trees that are typical for your climate and dominant tree species in your region! You could plant your apple seedlings sprouted, or perhaps a local native tree for wildlife. No matter what the species, make sure that it’s not an invasive species.

3. Choose suitable places for trees and dig holes in advance. When choosing your tree, ensure that the soil and place (shady/sunny) is suitable for it. Note that trees need plenty of room to grow, so don’t plant them near houses. Investigate if there are any special considerations about roots growth patterns before buying your plant. Find out also what kind of care the tree will require over short and long-term periods. See more tree care tips here.

4. Take contact with local experts and find sponsors for your seedlings.

5. Find students who will plant trees.

6. Involve local people from your community to take part

7. Choose a student who will have a short speech (see example below)

8. Prepare to take photos and videos during the occasion.

9. Invite other schools, special guests or your local celebrities to join this event, probably one of them could give a short speech.

10. Get local media involved.

11. Covid-19 disturbing you tree planting event? Read about optional activities


Next date: around 21 September 2021
Time: at 12.00-13.00 local time (or around noon)

1. Go to your tree planting site and gather around the seedling/s
2. A student gives his/her speech (see example below)
3. Students plant trees together with adults (teachers, local people, special quests…)
4. ENO Tree Planting Song “ Hi and ho – we plant trees!” or music/dance by students
5. A speech by your special guest and/or an interview of celebrity
6. Arrange a group photo, where students, quests and audience gather around the tree seedlings.



1. Planting  was just a start. You have to take care of your tree. Water it regularly. During the first couple growing seasons, your newly planted tree is expending a lot of energy trying to get its roots established in the soil. You can use mulch around your tree as it insulates the soil and helps to provide a buffer from heat and cold. It also keeps weeds out to avoid root competition 

2. Share your journey with the ENO online community on social media:

Go to the ENO Facebook page

Go to the ENO Teachers Facebook

Twitter:    @enoprogramme    #enotreeplanting

Instagram:   @enoschoolnet   #enotreeplanting


3. Join ENO Tree planting Day Meet & greet online event (optional). Hear about feelings and experiences, listen and ask questions for key note speakers… 21 Sep 2021 sessions in Zoom at 09:00 EEST, 15:00 EEST and 20:30 EEST. Read more


It’s great to know where and which trees have been planted. This will make our common effort more visible and verifiable. You will also have your ENO Tree Planting -certificate after reporting. Report your trees in our ENO Tree planting  reporting form


21 Sep 2021

Instructions in PDF:

In English


ENO Tree planting week -picture: 







Students speech EN/ES:

Our Message for the day : Our environment is important for us. Not only locally but also globally around the world. Today it’s time to lay focus on the environment. We do this special deed together with thousands of students, teachers parents and local communities around the world. We plant trees today in the North, South, East and West. The first trees are planted in Oceania. Then, following the Sun, trees will be planted in Asia, Europe and Africa. The last trees will be put to Earth on Hawaii and Cook Islands. Schools in over 100 countries are planting trees with us. Trees that we plant today are included as a part of big campaign by Environment Online – ENO, a school and community network for sustainable development. ENO started 20 years ago in a small village in Eastern Finland and has grown into a big network of schools.

Today we are also celebrating the International Day for Peace, with a slogan 
“Plant a tree for an equitable and sustainable world.” Let us celebrate the day by spreading compassion, kindness and hope in the face of the pandemic. We are to stand together with the UN to find creative ways to help everyone recover better, to build resilience, and to transform our world into one that is more equal, more just, equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and healthier. 

Tree is a symbol for us. Firstly, it reminds us of nature and the importance of climate and environmental protection. Secondly, it symbolizes our co-operation between schools and communities around the world. We live in different cultures but appreciate their richness. We respect the rights of everyone, also nature and animals. Let’s mark these trees as peace trees and grow together with our trees towards better future. 



Nuestro mensaje del día
Nuestro ambiente es importante para nosotros. No solo a nivel local, sino también a
nivel mundial. Hoy es el momento de centrarse en el ambiente. Hacemos esta acción
especial junto con miles de estudiantes, padres de maestros y comunidades locales
de todo el mundo. Plantamos árboles hoy en el Norte, Sur, Este y Oeste. Los primeros
árboles se plantan en Oceanía. Luego, siguiendo el sol, se plantarán árboles en Asia,
Europa y África. Los últimos árboles se colocarán en la Tierra en Hawai y las Islas
Cook. Escuelas en más de 100 países están plantando árboles con nosotros. Los
árboles que plantamos hoy se incluyen como parte de una gran campaña de
Environment Online – ENO, una red escolar y comunitaria para el desarrollo
sostenible. ENO comenzó hace 20 años en un pequeño pueblo del este de Finlandia y
se ha convertido en una gran red de escuelas.

Hoy también celebramos el Día Internacional de la Paz, con el lema “¡Planta un
árbol por un mundo equitativo y sostenible!”. Celebremos el día difundiendo
compasión, bondad y esperanza frente a la pandemia. Debemos unirnos a la ONU
para encontrar formas creativas de ayudar a todos a recuperarse mejor, a desarrollar
la resiliencia y a transformar nuestro mundo en uno que sea más igualitario, más
justo, equitativo, inclusivo, sostenible y más saludable.

El árbol es un símbolo para nosotros. En primer lugar, nos recuerda la naturaleza y la
importancia de la protección del clima y el ambiente. En segundo lugar, simboliza
nuestra cooperación entre escuelas y comunidades de todo el mundo. Vivimos en
diferentes culturas, pero apreciamos su riqueza. Respetamos los derechos de todos,
también la naturaleza y los animales. Marquemos estos árboles como árboles de la
paz y crezcamos junto con nuestros árboles hacia un futuro mejor.