ENO invites all the ENO schools and communities to participate:

#Only One Earth, Act Now -event! 

Act Now brings to you 3rd edition  of  World’s  Largest  and  Longest  Environment Online Event24-hours Non-Stop, on 4th-5th June 2022. The event brings together organizations and individuals from the world over to present their climate actions and generate awareness about how we are geared towards restoration of our environment, and for taking care of the only planet we know!
Act Now has organized with Environment Online (ENO), Finland, Treebuddy.EarthFinland Plant and Care for Peace (Pacfpeace), Finland, Brookfield International School, Chandigarh, Glamanand, India, EnvirateFinland, Nature Education Society of Taiwan (NEST), Taiwan, The POP Movement, USA and World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF), USA.

Would you like to present in this event?

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