The call for ENO Country coordinators 2021-2023 is open until 13 December 2020. Are you interested?

Would you like to:

  • promote sustainable development
  • encourage the youth and stakeholders to action
  • facilitate discussions between schools, ENO network, public administration, companies and other organisations
  • build a sustainable future

As an ENO Country coordinator you would coordinate and organise activities in your own country, spread awareness of activities, act as a link between ENO, ministries, local administration, schools, etc., translate material where necessary and report to ENO annually on the activities in your country.

What we are looking for:

  • good communication skills
  • interest in interacting with different stakeholders
  • experience and knowledge in environmental issues, sustainable development, climate change
  • sufficient English language skills
  • good organisations skills

The ENO Country coordinators are voluntary, unpaid positions, with a fixed operating period of 2021-2023. ENO will provide orientation especially for new Country coordinators and we will host Country coordinator Google Meets meetings 3-4 times per year to discuss current issues.

The call for coordinators for 2021-2023 is open until 13 December 2020. The application form is available at For further information, please email

More info on ENO:

ENO does not tolerate harassment of any kind, whether it is related to gender, disability, physical appearance, race, sexual orientation or other. We operate in a transparent and open way. Any member of the ENO team not adhering to our basic operational guidelines will be excluded from our activities.

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