Climate Aid is a climate movement that activates people through experiences and helps grow carbon storages. The campaign started 10 October and culminated to the Climate Aid Finland concert 23 Nov in Helsinki Music Hall. It was a multi-disciplinary art experience about climate change and free to the public. The performers included about 200 volunteer orchestra musicians and choir members. The conductor was Johanna Almark who also composed and arranged music for the concert. ENO planted a tree for each of them in Sri Lanka.

The goal of the Climate Aid campaign was to slow down climate change by collecting funds for growing carbon storages. There were two causes:  planting trees in Namibia and Botswana and restoration of swamps. The campaign finished 6 December. Thanks to Finns, 80 000 trees (40 hectars)will be planted in Namibia and Botswanan by schools and communities, coordinated by ENO. This was a great result, says Mika Vanhanen. It shows that Finns are concerned about the climate change and want to help. Knowing also and based on scientific research, planting trees is simple, cheap and effective way to tackle climate crisis. In some parts of Namibia fruit trees will be planted, also to support local school canteen and get some income for local community. And 80 000 trees will tie 320 000 kg of CO2 annually. This will be a challenging project but we are ready. Thanks for those who donated and all the great group of volunteers behind Climate Aid. Together we can do more.  

Tree planting will be organised in co-operation with national ENO coordinators, ministries of forestry, local communities and other stakeholders in these countries. Planting time will be January- March 2020.

Update December 2020:  COVID-19 postponed the plantings in 2020 as schools were closed. The MoU’s with the local partner are in process and the plantings will continue in 2021. 

Press release in Finnish ( Kansalaisareena)