We will start the latter part of year with a new activity, ENO Climate Cycling! This is a new activity that will be carried out in co-operation with Climate Circle Association, based in Finland. We will have a special tree planting day 20 Sep as it will mark 15 years pf tree planting in ENO. Indeed a great achievement! Trees will also play role in the new ENO Art contest, more about it later on. The year 2019 will finish with ENO Light Show around the world!

The most significant meeting in the ENO history took place 29 May – 5 June. World Summit of Students For Climate was a success and started a new tree planting period 2019 – 2025 with Climate Agreement of Schools and Climate Action Plan by students. A new student network called ECO-NNECT was founded and will soon publish their website. We are working hard in order to get a kind a market place and database for tree planting and tree adopting schools to find a twin school to work with. Later also companies and private persons can adopt trees. Carbon capture and supporting education. Yes!