FOLK CREATURES 2023 contest – Thank you again for your wonderful work!
Read the Press Release in PDF format:
The Jury, consisting of three experts:
1. Carlo Nati, architect and designer, Italy
2. Esko-Pekka Tiitinen, rewarded artist, Finland
3. Almina Durakovič, designer and professor, Slovenia
The jury valued the works completely anonymous covering the names and countries of the creatures.
Here are their results:
A category – Kindergartens
1st place: A3
Kindergarten Polhov Gradec, SLOVENIA
Mentors: Breda Breška and Petra Bizjan
2nd place: A2
Kindergarten Polhov Gradec, SLOVENIA
3rd place: A4
Kindergarten at European School Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Mentor: Lucija Kremžar
B category – Elementary Schools
1st place: B 21
European School Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Mentor: Nina Bric
Author: Eliska Krizova
2nd place: B 10
Kharkiv Gymnazium,UKRAINE
Mentor: Olena Podrezova
Author: Valeriia Nikitchenko
3rd place: B 8
Kharkiv Gymnazium, UKRAINE
Mentor: Marianna Kolesnychenko
Author: Daryna Shapovalova
4th place: B 14
V.D. Thilakshana Navangi,
Mentor: Lanka Galahawela ?
5th place: B 34
Author: Anna Yaryga
6st place: B 31
Polhov Gradec Elementary School, SLOVENIA
Mentor: Ana Kavčič
Author: Magdalena Grdadolnik
C category – Secondary Schools
1st place: C1
Gimnazija Škofja Loka, SLOVENIA
Mentor: Matej Plestenjak
Author: Zala Benedik
2nd place: C3
Mentor: Sr. M. Pragashini
Author: Class 3 Blue
3rd place: C5
European School Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Mentor: Nina Bric
Author: Olha Masieievska
D category – Teachers
1st place: D2
Authors: Breda Breška and Petra Bizjan
2nd place: D5
Author: Andreja Breznik Falk
3rd place: D4
Author: Hanna Kommi
The explaination of the jury from here
(we decoded names here, so that you can see who the awardees are)
CONGRATS to the winners and to you all, who sent your beautiful works and took part in the contest!
Expect your certificates, diplomas and online gallery soon.