Better late than never? At the grown-up age of 20 years, we have started our strategy process in October to agree on out vision, mission, values and the strategy for 2021-2030. The process will involve the whole ENO community, from the students and teachers to the ENO country coordinators, board members and other stakeholders. We have formed an ENO Strategy Group, which has planned the process and will facilitate it. The ENO strategy will be ready in August 2021 as involving many stakeholders in the process will require enough time. The strategy itself includes the following parts:

  • Vision: what we want to be
  • Mission: what our purpose is
  • Values: what are our operating values
  • Strategy: how we will reach our vision

 The steps within the different parts include:

  • Input from the students, ENO teachers, ENO country coordinators and stakeholders
  • Compiled suggestions from the input
  • A poll of the compiled suggestions
  • Conclusion and decision of the vision, mission, values and strategy

We will provide guidelines and examples of group work for the schools to undertake in the process. This will enable the ENO schools to participate in the process and provide input for the strategy, All ENO schools are invited to join and with the given timeframe and you are free to join those parts that suit your time schedules. So, if you can participate only in the Mission part, it is fine. If you can participate only in the Values part, it is fine.

We wish to enable participation from the whole community and will let you know of the process after each step. The process will be facilitated online, using, for example, Howspace, Padlet and Facebook. These are all easy to access on smart devices.

For more information, please contact Kaija at