ENO Weather week 2nd part 2022 will be held 31.10-4.11 2022. In short it’s an international weather observation week for primary and secondary schools linked to raise climate change awareness. The resulst are shared between ENO schools around the world. An online videomeeting to present the works will be organised if enough schools ask for the possibility (

The Idea is to observe weather from different aspects; the temperature, air pressure, humidity or the amount of rainwater or snow for example. Can you name the clouds or what is the wind direction and speed? The schools are organizing the event themselves with the equipment they have. The standard weather protocols and instruments are used. ENO offers the observation form and international network to share and discuss about the results.  Many ENO schools have made weather observations for years and are experienced. In this project project we have some of those experienced schools who can help others with less experience. Instructions to set up your weather station can be provided to schools.

Weather data will be submitted online to ENO Database and it will be used in school projects and ENO Climate Change Campaigns. All the schools are welcomed to participate!

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