A new student climate action network started, with the help of ENO

A new student network called ECO-nnect was launched today. They call students to join, discuss and share their climate action work. These students met in the World Summit of Students for Climate in Finland, 29 May -5 June 2019.  In the summit, students from 70 countries voted a secretariat representing students from each continent.  After discussions and voting, students created their  Climate Action Plan 2019-2025   , the most practical things what students and schools are commited to do for climate.

With this movement, students raise up the fact that the mankind with its action has reduced forest area and their capacity to work as sink for carbon dioxide. Tree planting is a significant way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Planting forests does not need complicated technology or big money. What is needed is earth, sun, water, and seeds; and a person who ensures the start of the growth of trees. The climate agreement of schools was announced in Finland in the summit, aiming to sequester 3 million tons of CO2 from atmosphere by 2025. It was their answer to Paris Agreement.

In addition to tree planting, students are committed to

  • encourage people to follow the 5R’s of zero waste in their daily lives, which are the following: refuse, reduce, reuse (and repair), recycle, and rot.
  • follow this system in each of our schools by placing more recycling bins, reusing and repurposing school materials, as in second hand paper for crafts, doing recycled art competitions, among many other projects.
  • reduce higher carbon emitting foods and portion sizes in cafeterias/canteens and produce food waste as little as possible
  • reduce or restrict single-use plastics.
  • educate school members about climate breakdown

ECO-nnect call students and schools to join this network. In the website and social media they promote the climate actions by students and schools. The aim is to network, share and find new initiatives and ideas to fight against climate breakdown.

“We have to encourage and support students to act together. They are the future leaders and their potential is remarkable” says Mika Vanhanen, CEO of ENO. “We are happy that we could connect them and encouraged them to become organised.”


Emily Snell, student, Australia

Mika Vanhanen, CEO, ENO