Greenstar® Hotel is a long-time partner for ENO. Now Greenstar helps schools to plant forests and pays the seedlings needed. Trees are planted especially in the regions most needed. The project will start in Indonesia this year. With Greenstar support, ENO Indonesia will plant a forest of two hectars in Cadika, Deli Serdang regency in North Sumatra. Species to be planted are mahogany, ketapang and sengon. This pilot project will give information needed when enlargening plantations in Indonesia and possibly in other countries with problems of overlogging.  Deli Serdang is a member of ENO Green Cities Network, that has spread to over 40 municipalities or cities in 23 countries.

Trees are planted and registered with a mobile app called Envirate,  including location, number of trees and species.  With Envirate, ENO schools not just register trees but also rate their environment!

Greenstar® Hotel is a Finnish chain hotel that aims to be carbon neutral. “Our commitment to sustainable development and reduction of greenhouse emissions requires ongoing activities. We can significantly have influence on those emissions with our smart solar power plants,  the official Nordic Ecolabel, resource-wise concept of operation, recycling system, reduced use of water and important partnerships. But these actions are not enough as we as a city hotel cannot choose the source of heating energy for instance.”

GreenStar is also supporting the launch of The Climate Agreement of Schools. World Summit of Students for Climate will be arranged in Finland 29 May – 5 June. The agreement signed in the summit by schools aims to plant trees and tie 3 million tons of CO2 in years 2019 -2015. Students from one hundred countries are expected to come to the meeting which is endorsed by the president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö.

Kristian Ikonen
GreenStar Hotels Oy

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