ENO Schoolnet (formerly ENO Programme Association) together with 4H Tanzania are implimenting a project for improving environmental awareness in the Iringa, Njombe, Morogoro and Ruvuma areas in Tanzania. The project raises awareness of sustainable development issues in schools and communities

The Project started in January 2015 and will end in March 2019. The project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Communities, schools and 4H clubs are contributing to environmental conservation by establishing tree nurseries. By April 2018, 153 schools have joined the project and managed to establish 126 tree nurseries which produced 3.8 million tree seedlings. Bi-annual tree planting days have been established with adopting 1 January each year as National tree planting days and any other day with a favorable environment for the tree planting. The communities, schools and 4H clubs have increased knowledge and awareness of tree planting, environmental conservation. The result of trainings and awareness raising campaigns to the community, more members of the community have been involved through school tree nursery and tree planting programs. There is increased community engagement in forest activities.

There is also increase in 4H activities in the project areas with introduction of large scale tree planting as compared to traditional 4H activities whereby at least one member plants and takes care of one tree per year. On the other side local municipalities (Local Government Authorities) have joined and accepted the project and their leaders are interacting with the schools and 4H clubs and support tree planting activities.

The project will publish its own blog in March 2019. For more information on the project, please contact Kaija at kaija.saramaki(at)enoprogramme.org