This is your check-list for ENO Environment Onlines annual programme! Some changes in the dates and events are possible. We intend to inform you about those well in advance.

SCHOOL YEAR 2021-2022

European spring 2022 (January to June):

31.1-4.2 ENO Weather week – weather observations

31.1-20.5 ENO ART Upcycled Art Contest in accordance with year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture

Tue 22.3 World Water Day 

Fri 22.4 Earth Day (optional; to be announced later)

Fri 20.5 ENO Tree Planting Day

May Outdoor Classroom day (optional; to be announced later)

5.6 World Environment Day (optional; to be announced later)

European autumn 2021 (August to December):

Thu 2.9 ENO Short introduction to activities: open event for anyone interested in ENO activities in Zoom.

Tue 21.9 ENO Tree Planting Day “Plant a tree for an equitable and sustainable world” (UN International Day of Peace theme for 2021)

11-17.10 Energy awareness week Challenge for the ENO green cities, municipalities and schools to reduce use of energy

25-29.10 ENO Weather week – weather observations

4.11 Outdoor Classroom day with ENO

Fri 3.12 ENO ART Light project: Glass into the light in accordance with International year of glass