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SCHOOL YEAR 2023-2024

Second half of the year 2023 (August to December):

21.9 Plant and Care for Peace – ENO Tree Planting Day  on the UN International Day of Peace. 

9-13.10 Energy awareness week-campaign for the ENO schools. 

30.10-3.11 ENO Weather week – weather observations. 

1.12 ENO ART Light art event. 

First half of the year 2024 (January to June):

29.1-2.2 ENO Weather week – weather observations

15 Feb – 25May ENO ART Upcycled Art Contest  (More info coming up soon!)

in March Zero Carbon Conference 

22.3 World Water Day with ENO

21.4 Earth Day

22.5 International Biodiversity Day:

  • ENO Tree planting Day Read more
  • International Biodiversity Day -webinar

4-5.6 World Environment Day -event with Act Now read more from here


We recommend subscribing to the ENO newsletter to stay updated of the events and activities.