WSSC 2019

World Summit of Students for Climate took place 29 May – 5 June in Finland. The summit was initiated and organised by ENO Schoolnet, in co-operation with the cities of Helsinki and Joensuu, municipality of Liperi, Ministry of Environment Finland and the Ministries for Forestry and Agriculture, for Education and for Foreign Affairs.

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Envirate Week 2019

ENO schools have started to use Envirate ( a mobile app ) to register trees they have planted. With the app you can monitor environment with your three senses: look, hear and breathe.

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Upcycled Art Stool Contest 2019

This project highlighted how creativity can reduce waste while bringing fun.

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Treelympics 2014–2017

ENO organised tree planting olympiads for schools 2014–2017. Under this project, 6 287 617 trees were planted.

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Tanzania Project 2015–2018

ENO Schoolnet together with 4H Tanzania implimented a project for improving environmental awareness in the Iringa, Njombe, Morogoro and Ruvuma areas in Tanzania.

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Act Now Conferences 2011–2017

ENO Schoolnet organised a series of conferences 2011 – 2017. Act Now! was a biennial conference for schools, children, youth and stakeholders. All the conferences took place in the city of Joensuu, Finland.

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