MEDIA RELEASE 19 May 2021 

A joint effort of over 150 artists has given light to Yes, we all need hope climate music video, which will be published on 21 May 2021. The key message of the video “In addition to hope, we need actions” is run as a campaign for organisations and indivuals to make their climate actions visible.


At the end of 2019, ENO was collaborating in producing the Climate Aid Finland concert at the Helsinki Music Hall. The finale of the concert was “Yes, we all need hope”, a song composed by Johanna Almark. ENO has now, together with Climate aid Finland, Myrskyvaroitus ry – Storm Warning Association, Eko Foundation, the Joensuu City Orchestra, numerous Finnish artists (rappers, classical and pop musicians, traditional yoikers) and a virtual choir, produced a collaborative climate music video. The song and the video represent collaborative power, which is also needed for climate actions: many generations, many musical genres, over 150 people joining forces to form an entity together.


It has been amazing to see the artists willingness to act on behalf of climate collaboratively, the producer Hanna Yli-Tepsa says.


When the Joensuu City Orchestra was asked to join the production, the answer was immediately YES. The recording was conducted by Johanna Almark at the end of March. It was recorded in Joensuu by Jarmo Kähkönen and the video is made by Mika Tertsunen.


We were delighted when Hanna contacted us. We reacted immediately to contribute to fighting climate change, Marjo Vattulainen, Joensuu City Orchestra notes.


The key message of the video is “In addition to hope, we need actions”, insipired by Greta Thunberg. Simultaneously with the release of the music video, organisations and individuals are encouraged to share the video and tell about their climate actions in their social media platforms using #showyouractions / #naytatekosi . More than 60 organisations have already registered, among which are schools, universities, NGOS’s, companies, parishes and municipalities from around the world. The drivers of the campaign are ENO Schoolnet Association, Myrskyvaroitus – Storm Warning Association and Eko Foundation. In addition to the City of Joensuu, Regional Council of North Karelia and Karelia University of Applied Sciences have been active in sharing campaign information to their respective organisations and stakeholders.


Climate actions can also be done in communities, for example in schools. The ENO community will plant around the world during ENO Tree planting week, tells Kaija Saramäki, ENO Chairman 

The release date coincides with the ENO Tree planting week. Schools and communities plant trees for climate around the world. The tree planting days and weeks have been part of ENO’s activities since 2004.


Each climate action is important and all our actions are need to change the world for the better. For example, without the commitment of Joensuu city’s climate partners, the city would not reach its target for being carbon neutral. I hope the music video will inspire us all to continue with climate actions, Markku Pyykkönen from the City of Joensuu says.


The climate music video will be published on Friday 21 May on ENO YouTube channel: ENO Schoolnet – YouTube (


More information and requests for interviews:

Kaija Saramäki, ENO Schoolnet Association, +358 44 9222 551,

Information on the organisations registered already on Show your actions page.