A global school and community network for sustainable development.

Environment Online (ENO) is a global network of schools and a web community for sustainable development.  Environmental themes are studied throughout the school year and campaigns arranged simultaneously around the world. Over 10 000 schools from 150 countries have taken part since the beginning. In addition to schools, cities and municipalities who want to support ENO schools have joined ENO Green Cities Network.

The ENO programme, established in Finland in 2000, is coordinated and maintained by the ENO Programme Association based in the city of Joensuu, Finland. Schools have made concrete deeds for the environment such as having planted 30 million trees so far. ENO has many national and international recognitions.


ENO is a voluntary network. There are country coordinators in about 100 countries who share the information about ENO and report their national activities to ENO Programme Association. See them on the map on this website.

ENO and the UN

ENO works in parallel with the United Nations and towards Sustainable Development Goals.  

ENO Topics And Activities


Climate change

Climate change has been the main topic in ENO since the beginning in 2000.
Tree planting has been the most visible activity since 2004.


Technology: Envirate

We use Envirate in ENO, a mobile app to rate environment with our three senses: look, hear and breathe. Envirate weeks or days are being organised globally during the year.



Recycling campaigns will be organised during the school year.
Schools post their photos and videos of their projects  in ENO Facebook events.



We encourage our learners to be creative. Special contests (like ENO Art Bee Contest 2018). will be orgainsed during the year. For all the creative work we use recycled materials.

We are global!

ENO Programme on the map