Environment Online -ENO

ENVIRONMENT ONLINE - ENO is a voluntary network and has ENO country coordinators in about 60 countries (2021). The coordinators share information about ENO and encourage participation in ENO activities in their countries. ENO has several campaigns and activities running every year, for example: - ENO Tree Planting Days: our longest run campaign since 2004 which is held around the World Biodiversity Day in May and International Day of Peace in September. Those countries whose environment does not allow tree planting during those times participate at a more suitable time of year. ENO made a strong commitment in Rio+20 Summit about planting 100 million trees by 2017. This was highlighted also in the summary of commitments by Rio Secretariat. ENO has planted more than 30 million trees. - ENO Art: campaigns twice a year to bring forward environmental issues using recycled material. Previous campaigns have been to use re- or upcycled material to make a stool, bees and national endangered species. Each year in December is the ENO light for the Earth, where students and kindergarten children make lanterns out of used materials. The lanters are lit at a specific time in each local time to create a chain of lights starting from the eastern part of the world. - ENO Weather Week: campaigns twice a year with schools and classes collecting weather data from their city, sharing it and making research on it. In connection to this, the classes have online sessions with similar age classes from other countries. - ENO Energy Awareness Week: in conjunction with the Finnish Energy saving week in October, ENO encourages schools and communities around the world to reduce their energy consumption, increase their energy efficiency, etc. - ENO Water week: school classes participate in different water research issues and share their experiences with other school classes ENO is accredited to the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)