Tuesday 9.4.2024: Session 1 (live stream)

10-12 Eastern European Time

MC: Piritta Torssonen, University of Eastern Finland



Opening of the conference

Instructions for Padlet




Sustainability at University of Eastern Finland – our actions for a better future

Maiju Eskelinen, University of Eastern Finland


Sustainable Nagano Cross-creation platform

Tomoko Fujiwara, Nagano Prefectural Government, Japan


Green Again Campaign

Dickson Nkwabi, Nihurumie Child Group Organization, Nyegezi Primary School, Tanzania




Public Perception Towards Urban Forestry on the Copperbelt Province, Zambia

Lweendo Buumba, Copperbelt University, Zambia


Zero Carbon Communities In Tottori

YanSong Huang, Tottori University of Environmental Studies, Japan


India’s moves towards Zero Carbon

Gokul Raj Ananthan and Divya Dharshini, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India


Cow, Persimmon and Beautiful Earth

Keisuke Yamashita, Iida High School, Japan



Wrap up

Isabel Munoz, University of Eastern Finland



Tuesday 9.4.2024: Session 2 (live stream)

16-18 Eastern European Time

MC: Kaija Saramäki, Karelia University of Applied Sciences / ENO Schoolnet Association, Finland



Instructions for Padlet



Community actions for sustainable development

Maire Turunen, ENO Schoolnet Association, Finland


Climate change mitigation in small Northern Savonia municipalities

Elli Hämynen, Development Company SavoGrow Ltd and Stella Siitonen, City of Kuopio, Finland


Energy communities that promotes low-carbon solutions

Kim Blomqvist, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Community actions for climate

Jeane Branco, Brazil


Sustainable Innovation of the Industrialized Brick Manufacturing Process in the Maule Region, Chile

Carmen Bravo and Juan Figueroa, Universidad Católica del Maule, Chile



My climate actions

Rati Giorgadze, Jvarisa public school of Tkibuli municipality, Georgia


Adaptation to climate change – Community perspective

Ana Shalikiani, Village Gelati Public School, Georgia


Green cities actions

Katja Vuorensyrjä, University of Eastern Finland



Konstantina Lymperiadou, University of Thessaly , Greece / Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Young people and water: a lesson for young people about their influence

Alisa Taponen and Silja Tarnanen, University of Eastern Finland 



Wrap up

Charles Mulenga, Copperbelt University, Zambia

Closing of the conference




Additional presentations may be available in ENO YouTube channel after the conference presentations.




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